We were born with the noble mission of creating employment opportunities for the underprivileged, economically weaker sections of the society. At Uday Vistara, we have always been driven by our core belief that a truly progressive nation is the one that shares the rewards of its economic prosperity with its citizens. Towards this effect, we have always endeavored to follow the principal of ‘inclusive growth’ in our programs, as is most powerful way to erase the wide discrepancies prevalent in the society.

We offer skill development and training courses in the diverse fields of Accounting, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services and are job oriented. Uday Viatara is based on a unique model that facilitates the absorption of people, who are needy, not trained and skilled, in certain private enterprises. We are dedicated to equip these people with relevant training and job oriented skills so that they can be meaningfully employed in the private organizations. To give concrete shape to our dreams, we approach the corporate sector and use funds from their CSR budgets to drive our programs.