Our CSR Solution Approach

Project Design

Companies now days have shifted their focus from being philanthropy towards working on value based CSR projects that provide sustainable impact, for the business and society both.

We at Rise India, identified the cause and worked around a solution which helps the organizations in designing their CSR project. Such projects create unmatched business value for their organizations and offer sustainable social impact. The project design encompanes understanding of their organization geographic focus, CSR goals and industry segment.

The areas in which the project designs developed are:

Due Diligence

Our team has done a comprehensive research on the demographic profile of the target audience which was done together with feasibility analysis on sustainability of the project design. The most advanced methods of Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies are adopted extensively in due consultation with the organization.

Project Management

These are the three main categories of our Project Management Phase. Please refer the other slides for detailed information.

a. Mobilization

One of the growing challenging activities in the entire project management piece now days is mobilization. It embraces timely mobilization of candidates, engaging them and ensuring that they adopt the advanced approaches for their skill development.

The following are the steps that are involved in mobilization:

  • Mass communication / Awareness Campaign
  • Pre-assessment of the candidates , including medical tests (if required)
  • Collection of Documents
  • Parents Counseling

b. Training

Our training program is designed to improve and enhance the potential of
the students with an intent to empower them:

  • Manage their Life
  • Manage their Career
  • Manage the Societal Responsibility


C. Placement

Another critical factor which determines or defines the success of any project depends on the employability which is offered at the end of intervention. Placement of our candidates is very critical and significant from the perspective of sustainability and ensuring a “Better Life”.

Our placement process includes:

  • Orientation by the Placement team
  • Guest Lectures
  • Mock Interviews
Reporting & Compliance

Reporting and compliance is another critical factor which determines the success of our project. Our reports include extensive and result driven data on placement, attendance, training and mobilization along with the feedback and tracking of respective candidates. Our compliance report that focusses on fund utilization, resource allocation and other mandatory documents U/S 135 is also submitted on to concerned departments and authorities. All these reports are readily available to the companies on regular basis.

Impact Assessment

The last phase is the impact assessment, which is performed on a sustained
basis of 3 significant parameters:

  • Impact on Candidate
  • Impact on Family
  • Impact on Society

We have pre and post training parameters too which are evaluated for analyzing the impact. The assessment even studies the project sustainability, post completion of the intervention by the company.

We provide a detailed impact assessment report to the company, once the project is completed.